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Feb 6, 2013
Hello good people. I have been lurking for many months.

I am currently working on getting the headlight rubbers reproduced. I have received some quotes and they are looking good. Because it's one off it'll require tooling and in order to keep the unit cost low (once the tooling cost is included) we're looking at an order of at least 100.

Personally I am not confident that we could sell this many pairs up front. So far around 26 pairs have been "bought", but unlike the replica sills, this order won't happen until all the pairs are paid for. But don't worry your pretty heads, I will work something out on this front.

Big questions are, would you be interested in these and at what cost? I have been working with a cost in mind, which I personally feel would be decent value, and that is £25 per pair posted to you.

Feedback much appreciated guys!
I'm in for a a pair.
Any chance of a picture of the part in question as I'm new to Puma's
As time goes by people will start to remake parts to keep the cars going.
Then if we are lucky, very lucky Ford may see the value in old cars and start remanufacturing stuff themselves.
I have owned other cars that have enjoyed this renaisssance by the factory and enterprising individuals
Long may it continue as I think this is the thick end of the wedge.
I spoke to supplier this morning about going ahead with a sample. Fingers crossed!

I will update as soon as I have any further info from them, and will of course post pictures once I have them in my possession. Looking at around six weeks.
I'm not entirely sure what these are... :oops:

...but, the outer rubber seals on mine have split. If it's these, then I'm in! :)

Thank you red! I'm having such a t**t of a time with photobucket and I haven't looked into alternatives yet.
This did go ahead and [ref]ArtfulHussy[/ref] may have some left. You could wait and see if she see's this or send her a message which gets a notification.
Are these the thin rubber strips that go round the headlight unit? Are they glued on? What is the price please?
Stevecvo said:
Are these the thin rubber strips that go round the headlight unit? Are they glued on? What is the price please?
Yes they are. They don't necessarily need glue, as the rubber is profiled to pop it and grip, but it sometimes helps to use a bit of superglue to stop them from popping out again if your bonnet is catching them.
They were relatively straightforward to fit when I tested the first pair, if a bit of a tight squeeze (I used the edge of a credit card to help push them all the way in).
They are £25 per pair posted to UK, payable to [email protected]

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