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Apr 13, 2022
Im in the process of replacing both rear brake flexi hoses and for the life of me cant figure out how to get the pipe out of the wheel arch bracket.

I’ve taken the metal sleeve off with some persuasion however not sure if its just me but it appears the bracket has no access point to allow the pipe to slide out?

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


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It will be rusted in, mine were. It will need a bit of knocking to get it out, be careful though as the brake line support is a very common place for rust. I had the joys if dealing with this mess.IMG_20230518_161721_(1080_x_800_pixel).jpg
Cheers for reply.

I’m assuming the notch on the new brake hose is for the sleeve circliip to hold it then?

When I looked at the bracket and pipe it just looked as though the metal section of the pipe was wider than the hole of the bracket. I’m guessing the rust is preventing it dropping down?

Will the front flexi pipes have a similar set up as I’m doing them soon too?
Yeah the notch is for the securing clip, mine was swollen and rusty as hell.
The front hoses are secured by the same method so expect a similar experience.
It's a few years since I first replaced the original rubber hoses with S/S Flexi's.
From what I remember:
1. You hold the flexi hose nut stationary, and "crack" the nut on the hard brake line (plenty of penetrating fluid required before doing this!), otherwise you may twist or break the hard brake line.
2. Pull the retaining clip out of the locating groove. Was rusted in as caprixpack said. Again, penetrating oil helped.
3. I believe the hole (apart from being rusty!) was not a complete circular shape, but had a "notch" protruding, which I had to file away to complete the circle in order for the new round end of the S/S Flexi to locate correctly.
4. As caprixpack said, front and rear are secured by the same method.
Cheers guys.

I think the fronts are not nearly as bad as the rears but watch this space!
Hi Mine were in a similar rusty state and the body support bracket can be rusty and weak.
As described above the flexi has a hexagon shaped end where it fits to the solid brake line and matches a hexagon shaped hole in the body support bracket. This hex 'fitting' stops the flexi from twisting when fitted.
So after you have applied plenty of penetrating fluid and with the solid line nut undone and with the 'U' clip pulled out you will need to wiggle the 'hex' mating face gentle back and forth until the flex drop out downwards.
Be patient and all should be well and I trust this make sense.
Nice one thanks guys. Just got to wait for my next few days off to tackle it.

I also ordered some aftermarket brake line clips as the front ones appear perished and hanging loose. I also had an argument with one of the wheel nuts that had clearly been over tightened. What a nightmare! Need to replace that also!
All done so thanks for the advice in removing those annoying rusted flexi hoses. Managed to remove all without damaging the brackets.

In the end I decided to change all the pads & shoes and front discs.

Now eventually taxed to enjoy in the dry sunshine with a/c that also works!!


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