Red lives to see another year, but now the dilema?


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Sep 19, 2013
The red 02 1.7 MOT is up at start of August and I know it needs the inner sill welding at the rear arch on the driver side, so before welding it up only to find a load of other stuff is needed for MOT I decided to throw it to the MOT monster today.

Aside from some advisories about minor suspension bush wear and movement it only actually failed on the welding, so with me now getting old and lazy I asked the garage to weld it up...cost £70,

So with the £45 for the MOT that'll be £115 for another year of runabout red. Which is good, especially as the cambelt was only replaced 2 years ago at 85K and the car has loads of paperwork history. Turned 97K today.

The dilemma now is that I really have to get rid of one Puma or my immaculate 1995 Landrover Discovery as there are far too many vehicles kicking around here, and what with the wifes "new" mini coming home Sunday I have to make a decision.

The Thunders going now where. Simple.

But I can't bring myself to sell red as its mechanically brilliant and quite rare really in base spec and being registered very late, and an ideal car for some occasional track day fun if I get round to it, don't really want to write off a millie doing that

Neither can I bring myself to use the millie as a runaround as it would undoubtedly end up with the usual car park dings (red sits in a car park when wifes at work and has picked up the odd small ding over the last year) so after attending Fordfair on the PP stand I think I'll have to put it up for sale sadly. I'll only be looking to get back what I paid for it . It has only done 74K with lots of paper history, but the MOT will be getting short at early October. Theres also a knock on the back suspension over big lumps/bumps that needs sorting but I think its a shock or strut top on the nearside.

Unless or course the landy sells, then millie can stay, but I spent 2 years looking for a decent disco and with 2 pumas to play with the disco gives me another motoring interest so I think the millie will be the sacrifice here.
Congrats on the MOT, that's another year of cheap motoring then!

It does sound like you've made up your mind on which to sacrifice.
Well done on the mot pass and yes its hard to sacrifice one of your beloved cars ive had to do it in the past too!