Remote Key Fob Stopped Working


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Mad Max

Sep 16, 2017
Hi all,

Last weekend I went to the shops in the Puma, when I got back to the car it unlocked via the fob as per usual and the boot popper worked, hopped in the car and drove home - however when I got home the fob had completely stopped working.

I've checked all the fuses and replaced the battery in the fob and have repeatedly tried to re-code it to the car (I did a search first!) but it's still kaput.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
I've had exactly the same happen on both my Puma's, I finished up buying a second hand key, then using the button half to fit to the original battery half, to save changing the immobilizer transponder. Reprogrammed the remote and it all works again.
The 1st one, I checked and the microswitches were not working, the 2nd. I can't find the problem. Second hand, tested keys were just over£5 on eBay.
Is the battery holder making good contact?

If it is, then it could be dry / cracked solder somewhere.
On both of mine, I used the original battery holder half (with original transponder), having already checked the voltage at the pins. The Thunder one had the microswitches not working, I replaced them, but it still wouldn't work, no dry joints found on either of the faulty remote boards.
I purchased a replacement key from Ebay and just used the remote half of the fob. This seller states his keys are tested.
Cheers chaps - replacement key ordered, fingers crossed.

I'll update when I've got it - might be a while with the posties on strike!
My key works fine for months then stops. Change the battery but still not working. After several months of manually opening the doors the remote suddenly springs back to life of it's own accord. Very strange !
Hi All - new key has arrived, I've coded it to the car and can lock and unlock it... however there's an issue - it won't let me start the car with that key :-/ Yes - I've
changed the blade over..!

It'll illuminate the dash, but it stops the fuel pump priming and nothing at all happens when I turn the key to start it.

If I leave the blade on the old, non working fob, it works fine, as does my spare key, it's just if I put the "new" fob on the old key blade.

For the moment I can use the working fob as a working fob and either of my old keys to start it, but I'd like to sort it.

Cheers :)

Is there something I need to move from the old fob to the new one
You need the original immobilizer transponder to start the car. Instead of the hassle of changing it from one fob to another, I used the original half with battery and working immobilizer transponder, with the replacement button part of the fob. I've done this on both my cars now and it's very straightforward
Hi! Thanks for coming back to me.

I tried that combo... I guess it's my battery part that's not working then - I'll recheck my contacts... or is there something I can move from the dodgy battery holder to the new one?
Yes, on the battery section of the fob, facing towards the ignition switch is the transponder which needs to be fitted to your replacement fob, but I believe IF you have 3 keys you can reprogram the transponder. Luckily for me I didn't have that problem on either of my Puma's
If you haven't already, check the How to Guide, As usual for this group its very helpful.