Royal Mail Tractor Unit v Golf


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May 7, 2009
Some of us may have seen the clip, and the quote, " I did not see him".

As a once Puma driver, I can say that on a number of occasions I had to take avoiding action because the SUV moved left into the lane that I was occupying, because the driver had looked over the top of my Thunder !
Surely the tractor unit driver must have heard or felt something even if he did not see the Golf. My other cars are an MX5 and a Triumph GT6, both much lower than a Golf or even my Puma.
Basic camera installations should be mandatory. Although I find it hard to believe that if you hit a 1.5 ton piece of metal it would not make a noise (or even via the tyre squeal!).
I agree with both comments.

We will probably never find out the facts, as the "Headline News" incident is covered by the media, but not normally the (boring) outcome ! Some doubt was also cast on the veracity of the event on R4 World at One.

Happy Xmas to all !
1) As this isn't specifically Puma related , can/should the moderator move this to another discussion area?

2) As I haven't seen footage of the event relating to this . Is there any chance of posting a link relating to this ?

Wishing you all on Project Puma a Merry Xmas.
What should happen if I were the driver of the Golf is to get in the seat of the driver and film it/look at the viewing angles to see if it could actually be seen. Still raises Q's about the initial impact.

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