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red said:

MOT passed today :cheer:

Was a bit apprehensive after all the work I'd done on it in one go, only advisories were 2 usual suspects and 1 expected so, perfect :whino:

I'm guessing a light or bulb..... as that's how this club was formed after all.... Tesco car park for a fastener I nicked from work and here we are :funny:
Haha sadly not! I had done a thorough check of all the lamps, including the number plate bulb which has caught me out before.

-Noisy exhaust (get this advisory every year) :p
-Front brake effort fluctuation (get this advisory every other year lol)

-Front mudguard mounting point broken off but mudguard secure

Sadly the latter was the only mishap during all the work. Trying to relieve a bolt that was seized, days of WD40 and slight knocks ended in a bit too much excitement followed by snapped cast metal on the lower n/s suspension fork (not pointing any fingers about this after my initial patient approach to it since it was the only time someone else had offered to try and help me with anything on it), it doesn't appear to be affecting anything so I'm probably going to leave it like that (much to it grating on me).
Honda rider eh…?

I have a few bikes, think it was around 14 or 15 at last could.
Owned 3 Hondas in my life. An NS400 that I scrapped. A CR500 that was a monster and a CR85 that I sold recently.
There’s a R1 in one of those pics, looks like a 5JJ… probably the best they ever made if you’re a road warrior!!
Hence, I’ve got one

Certainly been a Honda rider for a while! That R1 was a 5JJ, it was my brothers, I borrowed it a few times and it's certainly more aggressive to ride than the Honda.. then again so's his current bike which is also an R1 (in the photo)
The poor bike hasn't moved much this year, MOT at 28704 and now on 28758 :oops:

There is a reason behind that though, while out somewhere in that 54 miles a stone punctured the radiator.
I bought a 'pattern' radiator from an online parts retailer, for those of you that may not have seen elsewhere, I've tried this before.. 3 times before in fact.

When I did the refresh on the bike in 2021 I ended up settling on a good second hand genuine item instead. Well I can say that 2 years later the same problems exist and the pattern part radiator is terrible. After wasting time with that I now have another second hand genuine item to get me back up and running.

It's not in as good condition as the one on it (puncture aside), so I might get that repaired after I've found the time to replace it. Hopefully the one I bought has no leaks, I've had it stored a couple of months now.

The coolant is ready and I've now invested in a radiator guard which'll hopefully help prevent this happening again.
yup, you're not wrong. Still not sure what I'm gonna do with it. Don't use it or want to use it, but don't want to sell it either :ROFLMAO:

On another note, I filled up the Ka in October as prices kept rising & rising & I hadn't put any in it since February so topped it off with 33 litres.
Of course, I fill it up & prices have dropped by 15p a litre so far & I've done less than 10 miles since. I swear I'm jinxed lol :rolleyes:
Should add a few miles in the next week as visiting family for a change as I'm sick of being stuck in the house especially over Christmas.

Tell a lie, just checked, I've done 16 miles since I filled it up, it's at 4004 miles :ROFLMAO:
Might do one of my hyper-miling drives like I did with the Puma just to blow the cobwebs off it & get some fresh air... when it gets warmer though 🥶
132 miles between the MOTs this time! Passed nicely and hopefully get a few more miles on this year now I've the replaced the radiator and fitted a guard to it.
132 miles?? You should be ashamed.
Im worse though just MOTd my Puma and between March 2022 and March 2024 it did 14 miles!
Yep, this year hopefully we'll get that up some more!

I've done 17,542 miles in the 7 years I've owned it which is probably higher than a lot of riders but it's really tailed off since I stopped commuting on it. It doesn't owe me anything so I'm fine with it being retired into fair weather fun from all year commuter.