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Oct 3, 2007
Following the demise of my ZS I've had my arm twisted to buy a new car after 8 years.. I looked at a massive list of options as my criteria was only within x distance, under x mileage, not older than x

I thought I'd made my mind up on a Mazda3 SkyActive-X GT Sport (The MHEV 180BHP 2.0), I went out in the hire car, searching across the area at dealerships and the big car outlets with my list, to see what everything was like, leaving the Mazda until last (since I'd done all the research and was biased towards it).

Spent a whole day out, the hire car got reversed in to while we were out looking for new cars 🤦‍♂️

At the end of the day the shortlist had come down to some varying options, Mazda CX5, Mazda3, Kia Stinger and Kia Ceed.

We ended up at the Mazda dealership and was offered to take the 3 out on a test. It was a very nice car, great tech with the HUD, adaptive cruise control etc. I was sold, back at the dealership we tried to do a deal, at this point we were down to the 3 and the Ceed (the two Stingers were really unloved and I was actively trying to avoid SUVs). The salesperson was unmoving, said they were priced to sell and there was nothing they'd do. So, we said we'd go try the Ceed so that we had at least compared them fairly, they were around the same age / mileage and price so there wasn't much in it. The salesperson was confident we'd be back ...

The Kia had me when it started up, sounded great and then the test drive sealed the deal, the salesperson did move a little and then suckered me in with a 2 year service plan.

This is the 1.6 turbo petrol GT version with 201BHP. It's not quite as fancy tech wise as the Mazda but it's a new world compared to the Focus.


I know most of us here still mainly have Pumas, but if you fancy putting up a photo of something else then feel free to do it here. 😀

P.s. I know I waffle on. 2 minutes you'll never get back.
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Nice choice Matt - screw the dealerships is my motto. We have a god given right to negotiate & if they refuse I walk.
Although in the case of my Rex I only paid trade price so that was cheap as chips and you know the story of my bargain of the century Ka.

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Tried to link them from media using insert picture but only shows a tiny icon with a cross through it :(

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Lately while my Puma is getting FRP kit I'm forced to borrow my mum's Seat Mii. I know it just reskined VW Up but still a great city car and it drives preatty well :D Unfortunetly some more serious daily is in further plans for me... But after finishing Puma and colecting some more money I'd like to check on Focus ST170/Mondeo ST200/Subrau Impreza GC8/Toyota Celica ST180/Some older Lancer (maybe to make it into evo3 or evo5 replica, depending on the model) :D
Those SkyActive Mazda engines are interesting, I think they’re styled well throughout. Not keen on Kias so I’ll say no more but hope you enjoy it 👍

I have a 1998 BMW 528i as my daily driver and the 2001 Puma 1.7 as my “project”. Love the BM to bits, coming up to 3 years of ownership which will be the longest I’ve had a car and I still look forward to driving it every time.

The Puma is forever beating me down with my own wallet but as I said in another thread, it’s the way it drives that keeps me going.
tbh Kia wasn't a brand that I'd considered before but my neighbour got one, family got one, people in the groups seem to like them for the most part.. so we'll see how we get on. (plus it still has half it's warranty left)

204BHP is pretty good stock from the 1.6 though, the reviews are quite accurate with a bit of rev hanging but it's good to drive. Done a 230+ mile each way round trip full of family and luggage and it fit as much if not slightly more than the old Focus. Takes a bit of getting used to going back to Petrol from Diesel!!
I still have a few Pumas one roadworthy, but ongoing. Another in the unit going eco boost, another as a rolling shell. Day to day I have been in allsorts in the past few years, currently a Toyota C-hr 70220740379__D7359EE8-3007-4970-BBD0-008F9616376F.jpeg
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Currently have these two bangers:

2016 Focus RS
Had this from new 7 years ago today! Where's that time gone?
Now on about 18k miles or so so still nice and tight. Had the Ford approved FPM375 Mountune mod about 5 years ago and it helped liven it up a bit. Running 18" wheels rather than the 19" it came with as it's pretty hard on those. PPF'd the front and sills from near new so there's not a stone chip in sight still.

2022 GR86
Finally got this in December after ordering in April. As they sold out in 90 minutes I was very lucky to get my order and email confirmation back within the first 5 minutes.
It's as good as all the reviews say it is and reminds me of the way a RWD Puma would have been; light and nimble.
Went the whole hog and PPF'd the whole thing as it's going to be a rare sight with only about 400 coming to the UK*
The new age PPF is amazing as it has a built in hydrophobic layer that acts like a permanent ceramic coating layer as well as the self healing properties. Can literally wash it with a dirty sponge and it'll come up swirl and marking free again in minutes.

*Announced yesterday that they're hoping to get a bit more allocation before production stops for good next year
Just bought myself a brand new Hyundai :eek:

Had to be done as the drive belt went on mine & couldn't fix it as I couldn't get into the workings to replace it no matter how I tried. I think the manufacturers did it on purpose so people like me have to buy a replacement - but they screwed up as I bought a different marque :cool:

Bye Bye Flymo - Hello Hyundai :ROFLMAO:

Good timing - if you can call having to buy new "good" - as I got it with a big discount which ends tomorrow (y)


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Currently daily driving a BMW 320i Xdrive, which has been remapped to 280hp


But about to trade it in for this Audi Q3 2.0 TFSi Quattro... which I'll probably end up getting mapped too :)


Not had a Puma for a few years as my toys have all been bikes, sold the old Yamaha bobber and currently have a Triumph Bonnieville America which is getting a mild bobber makeover (not going to hard tail this one, getting to old for that!) and a Moto Guzzi 1100.
What's drawn you from the 320 to the Q3?

I'm still going with my Fireblade, had that 6 years and done 16,000 miles on it in that time... 2017-2018 I did 8,300.. it's changed from being a commuter to occasional use, 2022- 2023 it did 390 miles 😧
Still got the Frp but bought a new car for the first time in my life. Also for the first time in my life I bought a car that didn’t have the blue oval on the front! A Platinum White Pearl GR Yaris


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