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Mar 31, 2023
Hey All,

Planning to get some coilovers ordered. AP seems to be the most commonly used (seems to be the most cost effective)

Naturally I’m assuming ride height adjustment is decent?

Do they have damper adjustment? ie Harder / Softer?

I previously ran some Spax RSX coils on a focus and found the adjustment to be really helpful when setting up.


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I had APs in the past.
Only had lowering capabilities with no damper adjustment although I wasn't bothered about the ride 'quality'.

Coupled with poly bushes the Puma went round corners like it was on rails!
Mines already bushed.

Would you say the ride was uncomfortable? As above it’s not my first rodeo with coilovers. However it’s always hard to know when they are non adjustable.
Not sure if they've changed the design recently but mine are adjustable and the installation guide gives a description on how to adjust the damping.IMG_20230423_141443_(1080_x_810_pixel).jpg
I initially fitted Eibach ford-approved lowered springs back in 2012 to my 2001 Puma Black as the raised raise height on standard springs looked ridiculous. The Eibachs made the ride choppy and crashy - and not that much lower.

A couple of years later, I had AP Coilovers fitted and slammed the ride height to a nice low height. The improvement was incredible. Really compliant, grips like a curry to Y-fronts too. I can't fault them.

Only advice I'd give is, pre-grease the adjuster rings or winter road salt will make them seize.


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I found some non adjustable AP coilovers on my Puma when I purchased it. They were lowered tovtge floor and the ride was horrid AP2024 I think.
Went for AP 3GF30013 from Larkspeed. £534 with delivery which is the cheapest I found them.


A word of caution: eBay sellers based in Germany due to Brexit we will be paying nearly 22% extra to import. Keep this in mind even when their prices look good.

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