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Sunny Jim

New member
Mar 27, 2022
Hi all, my Puma's MOT is due next month so I thought it was time I tackled the rust on the o/s/r arch and sill. It appears that this area has been "repaired" in the past but instead of cutting out the rot and welding new metal in, repair sections have been laid over the top held in place by copious quantities of filler. This is what I started with:


A couple of minutes with a wire brush on the angry grinder and I was left with this:



As the last image shows the rust has got perilously close to the rear beam mounting point. Does anyone have any pictures that show what the structure under the outer skin is like please? i.e if you were to cut away the bits that are missing from my car on a sound example what should be underneath? I'm very fortunate to have neighbour who's a skilled fabricator so he can make what we need but because so much has rotted away on my car we're not sure how the bottom of the arch, sill and rear beam mounting point should all be tied together.

Any pictures, drawings, links and tips most welcome!. Thanks, Jim
Holy crap, that's an awful mess down there.

Had a quick (very quick) look on the 7zap site which has all the parts on it but how detailed they are is anyones guess, to be honest I think they're more illustrative for quick reference to buy new parts than detailed enough to model off, but, they may help somewhat, or not :lol:

I found the inner sections but there is the outer & possibly more other sections that may help if you look harder than I did. Here is the page I looked at for just the inner pieces:-

I'm pretty sure a little research would get you much better details, but to be honest, if I was refabricating anything to fix that area I'd just over engineer it as a precaution to stiffen the whole area up for that mounting point obviously trying to mirror the "seen" areas as per the opposite side if that's not in the same poor condition.

If you are doing both sides then just do them the same as that won't draw any unwanted attention - as long as they're done well that is :eek:k:
that looks ugly.
best of luck.

photos from phone 21082020 009.jpg
photos from phone 21082020 010.jpg
photos from phone 21082020 011.jpg
Hi Richard ,jpeg 10.Lower oval hole section....Did you cut that off another car or get that made?Nice job!
A big thanks to everyone who's contributed to this thread. After yesterday's monsoon conditions here in North Wales today dawned bright and sunny so it was time to put my big boy pants on and start cutting holes in the Puma.

As feared the rot had got through the outer skin and into the box section underneath so all that had to be cut away too.

First a new back plate was welded up.

Then a new box section in front. Fair play to Richard for replicating that oval, we were using thicker material than the original so we're happy that it'll be stronger. Ready to be skinned once I've got some primer and cavity wax in there.

A more robust poke of the near side has revealed it to be in a similar state so that'll be getting the same treatment while we're at it.

We're falling into a good rhythm of work with me cutting and grinding and my mate making templates and welding. Don't think we'll be able to get it all done by the time the MOT is due on 4th November but I am feeling confident we'll get it done eventually.
Sorry, don't know what happened with the pics - I uploaded them same as normal and I've not done anything since and they're displaying properly now.
The new metal looks much better than rust.

Yes I fixed the image links, you had them something like this which is just the page for that image:


You need to get the share link for the image which looks like this:

[url=][img][/img][/url][url=]IMG_20221016_112106__01.thumb.jpg.e1603700f75c7491811d855c6aa24477[/url] by [url=]Jim Heulog[/url], on Flickr

That would work fine but what I normally do is delete all the guff from around the image leaving just:


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