Boot light - where is mine?


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Dec 31, 2012
Hello I have a 2001 1.7

My puma manual (as supplied with the car) says there is a boot light on the right hand side but I can't find it - were they an optional extra?

Also what are the wires under the front seats (cloth type manual adjust) are they part of the seat belt indicator ?


The boot light is underneath the right hand side plastic bit where the parcel shelf fits. The bulb has probably blown if you cannot see a light.
Found it - the wire and bulb holder had fallen down behind the boot liner trim - I also saw where it fits now under the plastic bit.

no bulb of course - get one tomorrow

thanks :grin:
On my FRP it had been ripped off entirely and the 2 exposed wires were down the back of the trim like yours. Cost about £5 to replace the whole thing with a free glovebox light included.
Just bringing this one back…
So have we any successful fittings of a secondary light mounted on the other side?
Question is, from where did you take the power for it???
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