BTCC Rockingham Speedway, Sunday 15th Sept 2013 - Confirmed!


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Have fun everyone. Think of me stuck at work while you're all enjoying yourselfs :-(
They'll be one in the hospitality suite?

We'll take one of these filled with water anyway that you can borrow:

Vix why don't you wash her on Saturday then just buff her up when you get there? I have some speed detailer you can use :)
Dal said:
I'm guessing that we'll be having RED stand passes so we're parking up on the top left section near the corner of the main grandstand. That is the end our suite is too (stairwell 10 is that end if memory serves me)



My car pass is blue and has VIP on it .. am I right to assume that actually means we're in the blue section? (but which one?)

Yup - that means you can basically go anywhere you like!

I'll get confirmation from Will about it though. :eek:k:
Yup - definitely!!!

The only non Puma was going to be Cherie's Fiesta, but now we're taking the Puma :eek:k:
I'm at the Leicester meet all day Sat Amanda. If it doesn't rain in the morning I might have time for a wash, but she'll still get pretty dirty on Sat after that :(

Currently p***ing it down! Poor Nancy!
Right, this is the last email that I had from WIll about half an hour ago about where we're going to be / time to get there etc..
Will Thomas said:
Best thing to do is give me a call in the morning Sunday and I will let you guys in and get you in position.
If you can be on site for 07:30 this should give us plenty of time!
Speak to you Sunday morning

It sounds to me as though he doesn't know where we're going to be yet :lol:

So if you can please aim to be at the circuit by 7.30am at the latest please so Will can show us where we'll be.

On the way into the circuit after turnign off the public road there is a gatehouse that normally has a security guard at it. I dare say it'll be open Sunday. Just before that on the left is pleanty of places to park so that's where I'll be. If you can pull up there until I call Will at 7.30am, then we'll all know where we're going.

If you arrive after 7.30am (but please be before 8am) and the staff don't know where to direct you, then call me and I'll let you know. 078 540 520-three-five is my number.

See you Sunday!
Damn.... I hate getting up :lol: Gunna have to leave at about half 5 now!!! :eek:

Will hopefully all be worth it in the end though, can't wait!!! :cool:
Good job there's free coffee all day I say!

Judging by the weather forecast, best to bring lots of warm waterproof clothes! Should make the racing fun if it's damp :thumbs:

If you plan to leave the hospitality suite that is...

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