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Nov 21, 2011
One of my headlamp harness connectors seems to have melted whilst the car was at the painter having the headlamps replaced and polished. So now the headlamp does not work as the connector keeps detaching from the headlamp connection...

- I've found a couple of mk4/5 fiestas for breaking - do you know if their headlamp connectors in the harness are the same?

- Is there a way to just replace the connector without cutting the wire on the harness?



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So by way of an update, I managed to get 2 connectors from a scrapped fiesta mk5. I think these 7 pin connectors are in reality compatible with a lot of ford models and even some mazdas.

Now, the car electrician is telling me that he will cut through the harness wires and solder to the wires that are still attached on the replacement part. I don't like this approach given it messes up with original harness and I also think it's difficult to make it visually neat since the wires are then covered by a plastic tube.

Although I'm no expert, the neat way to do this (assuming it's possible) is to push the pins out from the connector so that you don't need to cut/solder wires. Can anyone shed some light if this can be done and how?



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I completely agree with you, if you look online there are special tools available that slide over the pins and release them from the plug.
Sometimes though with age these things can become brittle

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