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Jul 28, 2013
Hi, I am Tony or CherryVimto on this forum.

I registered back in 2013 when I first owned a 1998 'R' registration Puma. It was Jewel green - the best colour over Pacific green!
In total I have owned 4 Pumas, all unfortunately were taken by the dreaded rust!
I can't really say why I registered here. I was searching the internet for something Puma related and found this forum. Everyone was friendly and there was plenty of help and advice to be had. I have stuck around since!

During my Puma ownership I have done a lot of random projects.. some of which I am not particularly proud of!

Now I own a Mk5 Fiesta ZetecS which was converted to a Puma 1.7 engine. Not necessarily something everyone likes and that conversion has been done soooo many times but the Fiesta was owned by my friend at the time and I was helping him do the conversion using my old engine.

I am still looking to buy another Puma in the near future but I fear the current prices are going to make that a very difficult thing to do.
I'll jump in as well. I am Siniša and I am from Croatia. I registered in 2011. and was just informing myself, but went acitve when I got my puma in 2014. (OMG, it is 9 years already?!?!). The car is sound and well and I tried to improve it but always went for the understatement. I always wanted to buy a puma, but at the time the car was new, it was so expensive at our market that it was not doable (remember very well at the time it was on par with very good specced alfa 156 1.8). However, the itch was there and when opportunity presented itself, I did it, had to go all the way to Bonn in Germany to find a good one, but it was worth it.
Got another one which is in pretty sorry state and that will be restored once. At the moment I am using a honda civic EK (Mk 6) which has been swapped from D15Z6 to B16A2 engine and that is still being in project status but once it is finished, the 1.6 ecoboost swap in puma will start.

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