New Headlight Rubbers


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Apart from on this group and the Ford Puma Owners Group on Facebook, what about the other Facebook groups, like Just and other Facebook groups ?
Not everybody is a member of all the different groups, so may be unaware that your having them reproduced.
I'm not on any other groups. If anyone else is a member of other groups and wants to spread the word, they are welcome to.
Hello count me in please 😎😎
Please understand I work very long hours and don't get online often. I can be contacted via messenger. Trigger needs a set ta😎 Hannah has my details.
Hope this is ok?
Not wanting to be a dick, but there are a lot of new members that are asking for seals. Would it be possible to ensure that the people who originally wanted seals are still included.
Hi I just saw in just puma fb group about the seals. I would buy 2 sets. And I'd happily pay up a deposit front.

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