Power Steering pipes


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New member
May 22, 2022

Thanks for allowing me to join the forum.
I'm desperate for a bit of help please....
My current Puma (1.7 2002) has been stuck in the garage for 2 months with no power steering. Everything tha t can be replaced has been replaced, pump, steering rack etc, the garage had a set of hydraulic pipes made, but they didn't work. They now are almost certain that the pipes are the problem, but none available anywhere.
Does anyone know if and where I can locate some?
I have a photo of the pipes that I will try to attach to this.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, we are at that stage now! many thanks in advance
Is it these? Just appeared on here

Just a thought , Where the 2 pipes fit on the steering rack . When they changed the steering rack did they put them back in the correct order/location?

Also have they checked that all the hoses are unobstructed, as bit's of rubber inside the pipe can fall off and cause a blockage?

IIrc there maybe a filter inside the plastic power steering filler reservoir. If so it won't be removable , however you could try flushing through with petrol and an airline.