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What was it in the end?
hi buddy im kinda waiting to see if it has but its looking better.

so far i changed the coolant temp sensor, intake air temp sensor, adjusted my throttle cable bracket on the throttle body and found that someone had used sealant on the throttle body to the manifold mating surface, so the idle valve passage was partly blocked.

ive been testing for the last 6 months by only putting 20l of fuel when its empty, which got me just above half a tank. was getting 120miles before it hit the same spot to refuel (fuel light on and needle on 0). i had quarter of a tank when i changed the last bits and got to 140miles before light came on. im now at quarter of a tank after refilling again and have done 90 miles and have been pushing it a bit more this time. so it looks like its moving in the right direction but it still drops 150rpm when coming to a standstill ?
not sure if any can read this but i found the problem for sure now, found a previous wiring repair to the maf sensor that went corroded. still read signal but not correct as it turned out. then bought a ford maf sensor as pattern part maf sensor was reading to high any way. now runs and fuels spot on.
hi old post refresh (sorry) seems i spoke to soon, definitely improved but still reading bewteen -7 to -5 on long fuel trim, still slight holding back when accelerating and now a slightly longer cranking (hot or cold) only thing ive found is that i have two ecu's tape and dive available, on pin 103 of the ecu (ecu ground) the tape grounds through the body of the ecu and the dive doesnt? is this right? eg multimeter with ecu disconnected a lead on pin 103 and a lead on the ecu casing.

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