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John Woodward

Well-known member
Oct 3, 2020
Near Oxford
I am trying to fit the leather seats from my Thunder into my 2000 Puma (build date 10/1999).
The problem seems to be that the plug/sockets appear to be incompatible. I've ordered the capacitors to bypass the seat belt
pretensioners, but was wondering if it's possible to just join the wires on the newer seats to the ones on the older car and vice versa ? The seats in both cars do not have the earlier top hat type fixing.
You'll have to swap the pretensioners over. If you did just join the wires it'd cause the airbag warning to come on.

Take a look at [ref]tuonokid[/ref]'s thread from around here
Thanks Red, I think that's for the early seats to the late type seats, I'll take some photos tomorrow. The seats from the late 1999 car appear identical to the seats from the Thunder.
Yes but there's a chance that Thunder seats and the 1999 could still have different pretensioners (you might find they are easier to swap over though)

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