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Almost finished the nos install.
This evening I finished all the wiring and started wrapping it with loom tape. I used the original battery earth point as its close to where yhe wiring is routed.

Fitted the crossfire injector to the induction hose.
All the pipes are cut to length, just waiting for more heat insulation tubing to arrive then I'll tighten them up to seal the compression fittings.

I've also fitted a new crankcase breather hose as the old one was getting hard and brittle.
Bit of an update on the project. Finally finished everything, got the bottle filled and tested everywhere for any leaks.
First off, running the 25 bhp jets the extra power is instantly noticeable and before i knew it I was making progress (especially between 50-70) and I can see why its so addictive. As usual there's a problem, it appears that the fuel pulsoid is sticking open, its fine when pulsing when building from 30% to 100% but once it hits 100% it stays open when I lift off causing massive over fueling and the engine stalls. Even when I disconnected the pulsoids the it's still sticking open and won't close until its pulsed again. I get the impression it's been sat for a long time, I've run some carb cleaner through it and it no longer sticks. I'll put it all back together this evening if it's dry. But looking forward to getting it all sorted and fitting the bigger jets.
So a long week of heavy wind and rain have kept me off the puma until this afternoon. First off I changed the oil and filter as the oil was full of fuel, Sorted out the sticky fuel pulsoid which is now working correctly, tweaked the settings on the nos controller so it now starts at 40% and builds up to 100% over 2.5 seconds and gave it a wash.
I fit the 50bhp jets yesterday, we're going to need some bigger brakes. I'm looking at the fiesta st150 calipers, braided lines and 280mm discs, should be able to be a direct fit.
Went out to puma last week to go to work and while reversing out of the drive I noticed a puddle of oil. Straight away I panicked as the day before I'd given it an absolute hammering with lots of nos use on the way home from work. I parked it up and threw a load of oil absorbant granules over the oil and went to work in the st worrying about it all day. After work I checked the oil and it was right on the mark, now I'm wondering whats up as there's around a litre of oil on the ground. I jacked it up and stuck my head under and noticed the bottom of the gearbox is covered in oil, and from the smell could tell it was transmission oil. More searching and came across this.
It's the gear selector rod, and the dirty looking ring at the top is the seal that sits in the gearbox and retains the rubber boot. I managed to knock it back in but it wasn't a very tight fit and judging by the condition of it it's been out before and not replaced, which is crazy as they're only a few quid.
Anyway these arrived today.
I started fitting and wiring in the nos bottle warmer this morning, unfortunately rain put a halt to things.


Warmer fitted to the bottle, annoyingly the the writing is upside down but would prefer the wires pointing in the correct direction over having the writing the right way around.
I've used 10awg cable with an inline 30amp fuse for the main power supply to the relay and from the really to the heater. The red wire will be tucked away and less obvious when i come to button everything up.
I'm carrying on with hiding everything the best I can inside the car, so the wiring will be run along the same route as the nos feed line and switches tucked away in this little hole. Green for arming the nos system and red for the heater.
Ok, so the mot on the puma runs out on Friday. I'm going to keep it off the road for a while and use the time to get some work done. First off I'm going to sort the bit of welding that needs doing where the inner arch and boot floor joins, sort the rather rusty radiator support out as it's in much the same condition as one on the focus was in and do the timing belt.
It took a long time to source all the genuine parts for the timing belt job as many of them are now no longer available such as the idler pully, timing belt tensioner and aux belt tensioner. The only thing I've not been able to get is the crankshaft damper pulley so hopefully the original is in decent condition.
Also I've got the rest of the silicone hose kit to fit and a few other bits that it would be daft not to while everything is off for the timing belt.
Didn't get any pictures of the welding up as the weather was hit and miss and I just wanted to get done and sealed up before the rain got a chance to get in and start creating another problem. But I got there, seam sealed, primed painted and waxoyld. Now I'm onto the easy stuff, making new brake lines.
More fun with the millennium this morning. I made up some more brake lines, first in copper as a template then out of steel.
Then I pulled the tank. It wasn't too bad, the back 2 bolts were rusted solid but they gave in eventually, and there was still a 3rd of a tank of fuel in it. I had to cut the vent hose as it was completely stiff and wouldn't come off without damaging the plastic filler neck.
Draining the tank was easy, just connected the positive and negative pins on the sender unit for the pump and ran it through the filter to make sure it was clean. Then stuck it in the st.
Thankfully the old pump came out easily, there was a fair bit of rubbish in the bottom of the tank though and the pump pre filter was partially blocked.
I would have bought a new locking ring and gasket but they're no longer available, again they were in good condition and can be reused.
Now I just need the tank to air out as I need to cut off the fuel filter mount and attach it to the new fiesta tank.
Little bit of an update.

I've fit the new steel brake line and flexi hose, and fit the uprated fuel pump to the sender unit and got the tank ready to for the the car.
The new tank, its from a mk5 fiesta. While the general shape and dimensions are pretty much the same , it is slightly different.
One of the differences is the lack of a fuel filter mount, this meant removing from the old tank, drilling new holes and riveting it to the new.
The new seal fitted for the vent system, and new pump and sender.
Idecided to fit an uprated pump as I'm running nos, I don't think the standard pump is quite up to supplying the extra fuel. I stripped the new unit done and removed the pump which I'll keep as a spare just in case. Of course the wiring was slightly different so some fiddling had to be done.

And a put back together, it wouldn't fit with the foam surround so that had to be removed.
The new pump and sender installed in the tank and filter hanger riveted in place.

Pump sitting in the baffle.
Just waiting for the new fuel filler hose to arrive then I'll fit the tank.
And the tank fitted.
Getting the old tank off was a bit of a sod, the rear bolts were rusted solid and the speed nuts crumbled into a mess leaving only a round lump that span with the bolt.
Some more done to the puma today. I fit the new radiator support and under sealed the inner arches.
Unfortunately it started raining so had to cover the arch to allow the underseal to dry.
A small niggling issue that's been bugging me since the day I bought it, this small crack in the cluster lense.
I've been searching for over a year for a new lense but was unsuccessful, even trying on international ebay. There were plenty of second hand but they were all grubby, scratched or cracked. Thankfully, last week I found a brand new and boxed cluster from a poverty spec mk5 fiesta for £25.
My plan was to transfer the lense the bulbs and the ribbon onto the puma cluster.
Took it for its mot, which It failed on the first attempt due to emissions, turned out the cat had completely failed and disintegrated.

I got another cat sorted and fit the new one, unfortunately due to being so busy with work and other stuff it was over a month until I could get it tested again. Anyway it flew through.
Not much of an update, but all the bits for the new suspension have arrived and are ready to fit.
Top mounts and bearings fitted.
Rough height set, I'm going for around 35-40mm drop. Also I bought some socks to try and keep them clean and dry and in a decent condition, especially the threads for adjustment. Yeah, they look naff but the won't be seen when the coilovers are fitted.
And just for good measure, some new rear speakers (the rear trim panels need to come out to access the strut tops so while im there) to match the fronts.
I started on the coilover installation today, that is until the rain started (notice a theme going here, bloody cumbria)
It's a bit of a ball ache as the rear of the interior needs to be removed to get to the strut tops.
Also while everything is out it's the perfect opportunity to fit some better speakers. It's an bit of an odd setup with them being housed in these plastic enclosures. (Again sorry, this was all posted on my project thread on a focus st forum where puma knowledge is minimal)
Carrying on from yesterday.
Setting a rough ride hight, going for 40mm drop. After a week or so I'll adjust it if necessary.

I managed to get rear coilovers and speaker enclosures fitted before my back started playing up, I'll have to do the rest later.

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