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Yeah, they're far too long. I ended up using the rear hoses on the front for the time being. I'm going to have some custom length hoses made.
Yeah I’m going that way too. Ok. Wanted to make sure it wasn’t just a bad set. Shame as they weren’t cheap.
Thanks for that link - added to my favourites as it may come in handy. Had a play around with it & it seems cost is fixed for the most part as you can have heatshrink of any colour or none for same price. Same goes for fitting type & amount of supports. Then length up to 1 metre before any extra charge. (y)
I've started on the next project on the millennium. The rear disc conversion. I know it's more of a cosmetic mod, but I'd rather look at discs behind the wheels rather than drums.
I'm using focus st170/fiesta st150 rear spindles, fiesta st150 rear hubs and mk1 focus 2.0 (non st170) calipers, carriers and discs and fiesta st150 handbrake cables.
The rusty spindles and hubs.

Stripping them down.
I needed the help of the press to get one of the hubs off the spindle, then some heat to get the bearing race and abs rings off.
And bearings pressed out.
Look forward to seeing the progress 😎 it's one of those mods that only comes up infrequently.
I dropped the hubs off this morning, should hopefully be ready for Tuesday.
The carriers arrived yesterday, so got to work cleaning them up and painting them.
I'd looked into buying some new carriers to go with the new calipers but the price was ridiculous. Ford wanted £160 each, and aftermarket carriers were anything from £60 to over £100 each which was more than the cost of a pair of calipers. So I picked up some from a breakers for £30 each.
Bit of an update on the rear disc conversion.
I did the initial work on the spindles this evening. Drilled the abs sensor hole out to 15mm and drilled the new hole (5mm) for the securing bolt. I can't find my m6 tap so I'll have to wait until I can get a new one tomorrow. The hubs should be ready by Saturday, once I collect them I'll be able to machine the base of the spindle to get the 0.6mm clearance between the tone ring and sensor. Once that's all done I'll clean them up and paint them.
I collected the hubs yesterday, not bad for £10. I cleaned them up and painted them, left the rusty old studs In vinegar overnight then stuck them in the ultrasonic bath then pressed them back in.
Next job is to press the new bearings in and fit the abs rings, then start on getting the gap between the sensor and ring correct.
I pressed the bearings in this afternoon and fit the abs rings.
Bearing pressed in and circlip fitted.
Abs ring fits just as it should, tight but not so tight that its impossible to get on or back off without damage.
Finishing up the hard part with the rear disc conversion, I tapped the abs sensor securing bolt hole, trial fitted the hubs and set the clearance between the sensor and abs ring.
The spindles have been cleaned and painted and are now drying.
This is quality! Great write up too.

I remember doing a rear disc conversion on a Focus a few years ago. Do all the carriers need drilling and tapping? Or is this specific to the ST carriers? (I seem to recall using standard 2.0 focus carriers / hubs)
No, there's no need to drill the carriers its all direct bolt on apart from the machining for the abs.
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