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Sep 19, 2013
If you know of/own/have owned a Puma Thunder please list it here in the same style as the 1st entry. We can then build up an accurate list of all known cars, whether they be dead or alive.

Please remember to record the colour as silver or grey and whether it has a 1.7 engine or 1.6, apparently there are/were a few 1.6 versions. There were 2000 examples made, 1000 in each colour.

ET51 OJK. Grey 1.7 . 33K miles 26/08/14 . Excellent condition. Currently on private reg no.
KR51 NKK. Grey 1.7. 74K miles. On Ebay for £1000 26/08/14. MOT 11/14
YT02 NLK. Silver 1.7 87K miles. On Ebay for £1500 26/08/14. MOT 06/15
SG51 APY. Silver 1.7 86K miles. On Ebay for £1290 26/08/14. Wrong alloys.
EN51 NZW. Silver 1.7 142K miles. On Ebay for £650 26/08/14. MOT 05/15
EY02 ACJ. Silver 1.7 63K miles. On Ebay for £1390 26/08/14. Full MOT
AD51 DHE. Grey 1.7 110K miles. On Ebay for £1100 26/08/14. MOT 12/14
GL51 FOD. Grey 1.7 171K miles. On Ebay for £750 26/08/14. MOT 01/15
BL51 PLX. Silver 1.7 86K miles. On Ebay for £1295 26/08/12. Full MOT
AV51 ZRP. Grey 1.7 51K miles. On Ebay for £2995 26/08/14. MOT 05/15
FD51WSU, grey 1.7 96k miles good condition,soon to be sold on PH £995 MOT end March 2015
Ours is:

FH51 TXK. Silver 1.7 63K miles. Totally OEM (Sills and arches rust free) apart from a USB head unit (still have a working 6006)
FD51 WUU 1.7 Grey 114K miles. On Ebay 29/08/14. MOT to 12/14
EN51 VEV 1.7 silver 93K miles. On Ebay for £795 29/08/14. MOT 05/15
Are these Pumas going to be updated on to the first post, to make one comprehensive list, rather than spread across the whole thread?
1.7 Thunder
76'800 miles
Good condition, daily driver, being shown a lot of love at the moment until it's perfect 8)
Sadly my Thunder is reaching the end of its life. Had plans for endless battles with the rust and wrapping but now the Cylinder valve has gone and its just not worth the money being spent, cheap part expensive labour! So MJ51ZZS will soon no longer be. I will be very sad. The engine is sound as a pound, as are the alloys, so the best style on any Puma (methinks) and obviously full leather. If any of these are tempting to anyone email me!

Puma people are as cool as Puma cars, been good getting to know many of you!

YM51 RCV - Silver - 1.7 - Owned by me.

ET51 KMJ - Grey - 1.6 - My old Thunder, now owned by a work colleague :thumbs: