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YY51 DMF, Magnum Grey, 101k miles, track ready puma for £725. Now on the drive in Oxford :grin:
HT51 JVY. Grey 1.7 125k miles

Just bought "Stormie". Not the best example of a Puma; she has some cuts and bruises, bumper a bit chewed and one headlight needs replacing. However, she was a joy to drive...until glue(?!) holding in the brake servo hose came undone. As soon as the brakes are safe again, I'll have her out on the road and start fixing her up bit by bit. Not too shabby for a first car though, especially after wanting a Puma for over 15 years :grin:
BT51 YCK on 127900 miles...Still going strong after having it 61/2 years. It's got some rust on drivers door sill and clutch biting point is at the top but i love it... :grin:
Moondust silver EN51 ZNT registered in January 2002, rust free and only 66,000 miles with full service history. Its my third puma and this one I am keeping until the missus kills me off lol :lol:
YS51MWV 20k miles silver.

This car has been dry stored for the last 14 years.
Didn't take much to get her back on the road. New fuel pump and battery and she started straight. Then needed 2 news ABS sensors on the front and some wipers to get her through an MOT
Since then, 4 new tyres, full service including new cam belt, and she drives like a new car.

No rust anywhere!

Cannot tell you how pleased I am
We own cp51 kdu currently around 75k on the clock and in great condition engine wise and good condition on the body ita moondust silver and its the 1.7 model
Ford Puma Thunder. Grey EU02 UKD. And it's a 1.6. genuine on log book and original handover book.
THUNDER in grey NG51 OKO 59k had it about 4.5 years it's still growling for now!!
EN51UFS - silver thunder. Had from new. 65,000 miles. Will be putting back on the road this month to stretch its legs for a bit! 😁

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