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LS02 YML- Moondust Silver 69k bought last July. Rust is bad and a scrape on back bumper. Just failed MOT and due to job loss Pedro needs a new home 😕. One fractured coil spring but could be brought back to life. Gutted but no money to fix him. Engine starts first time every time whatever the weather. Lux pack and all original wheels/stereo. One key. Inbox me if you like pics as I’d rather a Puma lover had him or broke him for bits Xx
pumaspark said:
BT51 YCK on 127900 miles...Still going strong after having it 61/2 years. It's got some rust on drivers door sill and clutch biting point is at the top but i love it... :grin:
RX02 VXZ. Silver. 1.7 123k miles. Fairly good condition (Typical wheel arch rust and rubbish paint job on drivers door by previous owner - This will be getting dealt with! And a bit of wear on drivers seat) Passed MOT in April.
I bought DA51 UFR magnum grey on the 14th December 2019. No obvious rust around wheel arches, but I think it has had a rear end repair or respray. The bumper is a slightly different shade of grey. There is evidence of respray around the tailgate window seal. So far, I haven't had chance for a good look underneath - lack of facilities to get it up in the air at the moment. The radio is the single CD type, it doesn't have the multi-stack CD radio. As far as I can see it is totally standard spec.
LW51HCX Moondust silver Thunder 1.7, currently 57k miles. My second puma, bought from original owner in Jan '17 with £43k on the clock.
Drives great, and everything still working. No rust on arches, and just passed MOT again with a couple of small advisories which I will get sorted soon. Aiming to keep this one as long as possible...
Y709 KCF silver 1.7 bought 20/2/20 on 116k. Arches going a little, few holes in foot wells and cv boots gone. New wishbone needed..unloved by previous owner

Purchased with a dodgy fuel pump..replaced and up and running..currently off road in garage being repaired

Currently own Y974 TKM silver 1.7 currently on 120k and engine has been dropped into a mk5 fiesta and still going strong..shell was a rust bucket
AG51 NMA - moondust silver 1.7, 103k as of today. Arches have already been filled (badly) at least once, sills are a mess.

I owned this for 18 months and stupidly sold it to get a Celica...extremely poor choice. Celica got written off in a 4-car pileup on the A1, so I bought the Puma back off the guy...it's not been treated well in the last 6 months or so. Loads more scratches on the bodywork than I left it with, the rust is much worse, and there's a lump of the front bumper missing (not to mention some _deep_ scratches in the rear bumper).

Fortunately, the injury payout from the pileup should pay for the arches and sills to be cut out and replaced. The bumpers I'll have to respray myself, I think.
GN02 YBR, Magnum Grey 1.7, 119870K miles 06/03/2020 . Acceptable condition, Currently on Private reg

Trying to find somewhere to do the body work, rear arches and a few dents from careless drivers.

Mechanically sound and very well looked after. Its actually my first car and I'd say there isn't a better car out there to be your first car. ( Bold statement I know. )
Owner of PF51MVY, Moondust Silver, 1.7 80K miles. Based in West Devon.

Obtained from a local chap who did a great job of turning around the rear arches. Took ownership last summer. Since then it's had a Full Service, 300mm brake upgrade, minor horn and windscreen wash issues fixed, rocker cover gasket leak fixed, new Cosworth style Mondeo alloys and mainly cosmetic improvements.
CK51VNY Magnum Grey Thunder 147k miles. Purchased from original owner today, very rusty arches. Purchased mainly for the seats/door cards and has MOT until early June, hoping to get it through another one and use as a daily driver for a while.
CN02BTV 1.7 Moondust silver, was off the road but previous owner welded up, fitted new arches and resprayed last year
lulzyboy said:

Magnum Grey Thunder owned by me from UK. Now living in Pärnu, Estonia.


So PF51 EGD lasted another year before the rust made it completely impossible to pass local MOT, but in 2022 I bought another one! MT51 ZNK in similar spec. Now registered in Estonia as 483 AXR

You can find pictures of me bringing it to Estonia from Liverpool here https://platesmania.com/gallery.php?fastsearch=MT51ZNK
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20211025_173741.jpgThis is mine, GN51EBC, had her since September 2020. Plenty of work done on her, latest being a brand new fuel tank. Best drive I ever had though so well worth it.

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