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W176 UGC has died of rust. "Millennium 159" on the interior sticker and went to scrap two weeks ago with 118k on the clock. Probably shouldn't have got rid :?


Might be useful to reiterate that Govt. statistics indicated 466 Millennium Pumas on the road (i.e. taxed) and 101 SORN at 31st December 2014, as there is a Millennium (214) being sold on eBay with the claim that there are 'only 34 left on the road today' - I'm guessing that the figure of 34 was arrived at by looking at the list in this thread and not quite 'getting it'. Unless 432 Millenniums have been SORNed or scrapped in less than 6 months...
zinc2000 said:
huw7006 wrote
W764 ODF number - ??? 105k miles. road worthy and ongoing project.

As "buttercup" is W778ODF, our cars must be related, wonder if they came from the same dealer?
Possibly the same dealer, but definitely both registered at the DVLA office - Worcester/Bristol apparently.
W498 XHK 87870 miles - On eBay, 30/7
V962 HTM 102,000 Miles - On eBay, 30/7
W838 OCN - broken for spares, On eBay, 30/7
W854 NDF 122,924 - On eBay, 12/8/15
W149 VLB 108,533 - On eBay, 12/8/15
Just stumbled across this one on my FRP investigations

W992LDB, exported to Limerick, Ireland where it now carries 00-LK-9075
Also may as well include the ones which have come through the workshop

W661LRY - WF0CXXGAECYR89210 - Cat C write-off - 58430 miles - scrapped April 2012
W801XOC - WF0CXXGAECYB77916 - Cat C write-off - 60234 miles - scrapped May 2014
W344YOO - WF0CXXGAECXP66403 - stripped not by me - engine has been rebuilt previously and will be turbocharged when it leaves here :lol:

Also got one for keepers which I don't have the reg for will get that and include it.
W901 MCL #?? 101k my own and going nicely. Bought from a mate who had it for 7 years, £600. Nearly perfect interior, few plastic bits broken or fallen off. MOT'd until September. Minor welding done for last MOT, respray 3 years ago, 7/10 for overall condition.
Don't know if it'd help, but I've got these, and a few more dumped out into an excel sheet, then queried DVLA to obtain Tax/MOT status.
we've currently identified 58 cars, how Many left says that in Q3 there was 499 left (sorn+taxed)
W881bdp. On sale eBay recently, as spares repair I think

V471 KKO on eBay 64000 miles £600
W662 ACK, #XXX, 107000, Still in daily use. Reasonably good condition ongoing project, has replaced/updated LED courtesy main and spot lights, uprated/replaced LED halo sidelights, LED indicators, LED reverse, OBD2 dash HUD/bespoke automated geo-sensing based service activation reporting and controls, some additional security features. :cool:

Needs a little attention on the arches, which I'm hoping to sort out over the summer (show me one that didn't! :roll: ). Considering a colour/design change or paint restoration to a louder citrus yellow (was never a fan of fading custard :lol: ).
On gumtree

W356 OHT- no 573 - 115K miles - In Bristol
W486 WOA - 103K - In Southampton
X501 GNK - 168K !!!! Basingstoke

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