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Aug 2, 2014
Hi, looking for a spot of advice. I am doing a full rest on a 2001 Puma black. I have replaced the front wings and have a pair going spare. I was going to skip them but then wondered about using them to repair the rear arches which are suffering from the usual rust bubbling. Has anyone done this before.
I was wondering about the radius of the arches - they look quite similar to the front but I'm no mathematician.
I alternatively, as the front ones are solid they might just be useful for general repair work.
If not, I have 2 wings and a bonnet going spare - make me an offer but you'll have to collect from Newcastle area.
Message me for details.
The front arch radius isn't the same as the back I don't believe. That's just by looking at it.

Kizza on here makes rear are steel replacement panels for a tidy penny.

Alternatively if you look in the cosmetics sections there a few arch repair topics in there. Also Pug 206 (I think) wings work for the rear arches.
pug 206 front wings work well for the rears on a puma, use the left wing to fix the right rear arch and vice versa.

this is what mine looks like with pug wings on the back." onclick=";return false;
By the way, fantastic job on the repairs - looks brilliant. I might have a word with them as I work in Darlington!

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