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Aug 15, 2016
This is my Puma, got it today. It needs some work done, that I've pointed on my thread asking for help, so, here i'll just limit myself to post pictures of it.
I've already painted the wheel nuts cover and fitted them, tomorrow a new batch of pictures will come ^^









The VCT, roughly 56k miles
Always liked the green! First puma ive seen with an opened door light and a vct sign :)
this light was always on, saw I had the hood switch disconnwected.
I connected it, and now the light is off. and never turns on no matter what, now, unless I disconnect it again xD

Edit: Actually it works flawlessly when I open the boot :p

Now... I've never seen the ABS check light on this car... :roll:
Some pics...




Today a silly bus driver, started coming to my lane when I was passing him... heavy honk, dodge and the day was saved :roll:

This little video is just a simple sound check

Looks like a clean Puma to me, like that color too. With so few mileage, certainly a good purchase :cool:
Looks really clean, love the fact that it is clearly so hot where you live that the heater is totally disconnected!!!
The HCV is broken
Actually I ordered new parts to fix it. Ordered new polen filter box, new termo ventilator motor because mine have a bush completely screwed up and that copper spring all stretched...
I love this car day after day, even with his little quirks.

Few days ago I was thinking I had solved the reverse lights issue, but it only lights up randomly. new switch on the way.

Meanwhile, a couple of pictures. I«ve already bathed the "green bullet" but was already dark when I finished, so no pictures :p













Thanks for the praises, folks!
I'm liking this color more and more, all because here in Portugal all cars are now grey (various shades), white or black xD
check out that road, which btw looks like my roads in Scotland......add a Puma and that looks like serious fun....within the speed limit of course :grin:

Car looking good
Hehe yeah I love this road!
When I want to release my stress or just drive and enjoy, I do it with either my Fiesta MK6, my Ford Orion MK2 or this Puma :)

Now, something new.
New material for my car.
Polen airbox arrived, was all nasty and I gave it a good wash. Mine's broken in the top so I had to order this one.
It also came with a panel filter I will replace, because it's nasty.


Also, got a new motor because mine had broken bushes and that copper spring all stretched.


Tomorrow or after-tomorrow i'll put this in the place.
Only HCV missing to have this part all fixed.
I've put the new motor and box in.
I had to cut th emotor wires because to unclip it, I had to lift the car and go below it... so I made a new connection with those electric unions.
It's working fine on all 4 settings.
Was a pain to replace it because of all AC hoses.
Also, I still missing the HCV. Do the Air-Con only works with the HCV on?
Because while pushing the button, AC won't engage (neither the car radiator fan will work with AC supposedly turned to on)
SandStorm said:
[post]356224[/post] Also, I still missing the HCV. Do the Air-Con only works with the HCV on?
Because while pushing the button, AC won't engage (neither the car radiator fan will work with AC supposedly turned to on)
The AC needs the heater fan running/blowing. So, it's the fan in the cabin that is essential for the AC, not the HCV which controls the just temperature.
that fan I fixed it today and runs.
Well... I'm used to my Fiesta MK6 AC that also turns on the radiator fan when working
Maybe the system isn't charged, I dunno
SandStorm said:
[post]356233[/post]Well... I'm used to my Fiesta MK6 AC that also turns on the radiator fan when working
The Puma's AC turns the radiator fan on (half max. speed) when running.
Didnt on mine. Probably is AC discharged. If yes, will only check it Next year xD
Yo buds
so, let me see what happened since the last time I posted here.
So, I've changed the reverse switch, aligned steering, was thinking about these alloys:


Spent day and night driving for fun


Bought a new coolant reservoir just because mine looks old


And had a MOT

So, what was appointed in the MOT...
The transmission cups (I dunno the name in English, it is those rubber things near the wheels that have some lubricant gunk for the tranny) ripped. I guess they didn't handled well the travels at 210km\h (130mph)

Passenger side headlight with beam too low (driver's side on UK)

handbrake, rear right wheel not braking. they say it's just tweaking.

Went to the garage to have the tranny cups changed and they were talking about opening the drums and check it inside if needs new pads...)

It passed the mot with these 3 appointments.
Next month will be mot time for my bigbooty (ford orion)
The orion passed with clear sheet yesterday :)

Now, back to this sweetie puma...
I need a complete rear brake rebuilt kit. Also, I noted one of the rear wheels sometimes have a drag effect.
Unsure if the drum is screwed too, or if is just because the rear brake shoes and pumps aint good.

Meanwhile, been doing some cosmetic fixes.






I couldn't buy this from ebay because on my car is in the other side :p
Here is how it looks. Not perfect, not a proper fit, but ok.


meanwhile I've ordered a HCV made by TRW from ebay.

Also, gonna buy black leather to apply on my steering wheel sides (it's all damaged) and an AA bar have arrived too.

If I still need the thermostat, then will be a fiddly job to do it in this 1.7... The CVH engine from my Orion is so much easier to work on.