Sand's "greenland" 1.7 VCT


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Ordered Ford focus fan shaped spray for the puma, as already have a set of 2 control arms and droplinks.
Also, expected to order lowering springs from h&r, 30mm.
15 days ago did a trip from Portugal to Spain, all by motorway.
Ran over 140 miles, always in speeds between 85 to 130mph. It sure needed a long run with premium fuel, 98RON xD
Consumed a little of oil, but not much.
Also, bought a cargo belt to fix my tall battery in the box.
So, last Monday it had fitted the lowering springs, control arms, droplinks, and rear struts.
I'll share some pics soon :)
Handles like a Puma :grin:
Also fitted a new air filter.
Pipercross performance panel filter.
Honestly, I don't notice any change at all. Probably is breathing better at higher rpm's
You're unlikely to I doubt, a good condition standard paper filter works well. Where after market ones have the edge is serviceability and longevity, i.e. they can be cleaned re-oiled and re-used usually.
The most important ones are:
Lowered it 30mm with H&R springs and got new dampers for the rear.
4 Goodyear efficientgrip performance tyres
Pipercross air filter
Also installed a new head unit with reverse camera.





deanhill4 said:
Hi there - any issues with the Pipercross air filter? Cheers, Dean
Sorry for the late reply, didn't got mail notification.
Nope, simply perfect!
One of the last things I did to this car, was changing camshaft sensor, cleaning maf, fitting rocker cover gasket and the usual oil changes.
On the day it had the headlights professionally polished, it was sold... May 2021.
Was the most fun can I ever had.
After that, I know he was sold twice again and now I lost track of it. Last time I saw it, was in a sorry state. Should never had sold it.
It even ended with some inner trim damaged by the next owner as removal of the center console with VCT badging and my extremely polished knob. Last photos I saw of the car for sale, he was missing those units, replaced with worn ones.

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