Sand's "greenland" 1.7 VCT


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So, today I did this to my steering.




At least better than before. Maybe I should have done all around it.
Also needed to cut a new key blade. This until I make an extra key. :p
today was replacement time for th eheater control panel, since mine was defective.
this, solved my issue with constant cabin heating. :) Now have nice cold and nice hot :)

The panel I removed


and the new (used) panel fitted.

Time to replace the rear clusters. Mines didn't had the clear lenses around, so I bought two units to replace.
Yet, that number 10 wrench will forever live in my memory... RIP, forever lost in the depts. of that abyss in the rear panels... I can't find it. at least managed to secure all the nuts.
I had a slightly darker foil in one of them, looked good but had many imperfections. so I removed it. Stock looks good, too.





Since I got it fixed:
-> missing red hazard button
-> rear lights
-> reverse switch
-> alignment and tranny c cups
-> HCV
-> heater CP
-> always on door light
-> hand knit steering wheel leather cover. (may replace with a all around one)
-> window switches surround
-> heater motor
-> polen filter airbox
-> unpainted alloy wheels center caps
currently my time has been spared between my Fiesta MK6 (had to replace leads, coil and battery died a week after) as spending time with my Orion. rebuilt the distributor, new dizzy cap, new rotor. (which sat differently, so had to plug the leads differently in the cap)

but now, time for the Bullet.
Thinking about blue lightning on switches and clock. my clock needs to be replaced because the LCD is missing a trace, so when it displays 17:00 I read as 11:00
clocks are easy, simple to fit. and we can even mod for those with temperature. while I ordered one from a friend, I went to take out my dash to put blue leds in it. Well... Someone before me fiddled with it and it is missing a complete bulb holder. only have one.
Also, a new column stalk is on the way. Mine broke. Mostly because of my hazards. it wouldn't stop them, always working. so I was forced to remove the stalk from the car and now have it standing still until a replacement arrives.
The stalk sent by a friend was fitted. And he was nice enough to send me a couple of warning bulbs for the dash.
Pity he didn't had the top ones, so I still am limited to one bulb lighting my dash at night.


Green Bullet is back on the road. ;)
I still have the LED side lights to fit, but I'm running out of time to go to work, so... I'll do it some other day
While I'm waiting for my new dash buttons and cluck in blue, already did a mini-mod.


Heater panel in blue. T5 flat head leds. I had to do the inversion of the little legs because in the original position (same as standart bulbs) it wouldn't lit up.


Now, a question... What kind of bulb the speedometer uses?
Still a T5, or is another? Because the lamp housing (i haven't removed it, only peeked up) seems way bigger than those on warning lights and heater panel.
Ok, was like this:


Why I say "was"?
Because when I turn the demister or the rear fog light, the warning lamp is too bight. Way too bright and I get blinded.
So, I reverted everything to green except the clock, because This clock is easily readable at night.


I'll use the blue heater panel leds on my scooter, instead xD
I've been spending time with my Gilera scooter, the little one stopped working, so I ordered a bunch of needed parts for the economic summer 2 wheeled ride.
No matter to say, the scoot is now running and today I did some small TLC on my Bullet.





I've polished the rear fog lights.
So, this time for some reason, my key fob (IrDA) stopped working.
Then, discovered the car had alarm when it would activate when i opened the door or put the engine running.
Something did messed up. So, i disconnected car battery and removed the keys batteries too.
connected everything again, was unable to program the key. Then later, maybe after an hour or more, was able to program it, and solved my issues. All works again. But now I know the car does have an alarm, because i didnt knew. :lol:

Well, today I did some care to my Bullet, so... Decided to buy better quality leather for the steering wheel, and this time did it all around.



I like the results. :)
Been a while since my last post.
So, in the meantime I had my rear shoes replaced.

Even If nowadays I notice the brake very stiff if the car sits for hours. Some vacuum leak somewhere.
And also sometimes vibrates a bit when braking, I suspect the problem is the rear drum.

Anyways, did some interior mods with this:




Also replaced my air vents because they were broken and fitted these:


Replaced my homemade buttons surround fix with a good looking piece too.
Went to MOT:


And passed with only advisories for oil leaks.
Been having the P0443 error since I bought this car, but today I sorted it out. Simply replaced that evap valve. 96FB-9C915



Polished my headlights.





And replaced the gasket. What a mess I found... The old one wasn't fit properly, was bent on the little "finger" in the top left corner, near the belt cover.
I've put a bit of sealant too (after properly degreasing)

Then left it cure. Tomorrow I'll start her up and check.




Good choice, I am seriously thinking about ordering those for my Puma.
Had those in a Saxo VTS(Cup) years ago and they were fine. Had Brembo Max in a 106 Rallye and did not like them.
All installed, was a pain in the rear about how tight everything was.
But in the end, managed it.
Still... Tomorrow will undo one of them, since I forgot one washer from the caliper...
About the abs. Even with new sensors, still not working :(
Will check it again. And maybe put the old ones back since they were really dirty
Car is in the garage.
After a proper look, several issues were detected.
Ordered two original transm seals.
And why my abs didn't worked, wasn't because of faulty sensor.
It was because the pump was removed.
Also, the car suffered one AC delete. By getting the compressor removed.
I don't know why the previous owners did this.
Why. Why there are people like that.
AC is basically mandatory in the summer here in portugal with spikes of 35, 40ºC in the summer...
There are other issues too. Like the rear shocks. They converted eye socket shocks to fork. By... Soldering a fork ending.
I don't know if I continue this project or if I give up.
Sorry for the rant, but I have two other fords. A Fiesta I bought almost new in 2005 and care it like a baby.
And a Ford Orion that never gave me issues like this...
Clutch fitted, tranny seals fitted and 4 new tyres fitted. (Goodyear)
Now I'm broke, but saving for arms and struts
After those fixes, had two problems.
Car would shut down and error p0500. Solved by fitting new vss
Leaks from gearbox
The gearbox breather was fit incorrectly.
Today I had time to fit it in the correct way. (arrow pointing to the car front and rounded corners facing the gearbox)
Did a top speed run, clocked 210km\h (that's 130mph)
Lets see how it behaves