Carbon fibre inner wheel arches?


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Sep 11, 2022
Hello there, thanks for fixing the site so I can ask the above! I am girding my loins for a lot of welding this year and was thinking of trying to protect my investment by finding a non pocus replacement for the doormat inner wheel arches.
I think I saw mention of carbon fibre ones a while ago but that may no longer be a thing!
Would really appreciate it if there is any info about any sort of non doomatty arches!
I get your sentiments but from what I've read over the years the arch liners dont typically cause the rust, but do mostly get the blame.

I don't recall seeing the alternative you mention but if you go that way I'd be interested to see the result.

Have a look here for a few comments on the subject.
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I've treated my MSB Puma arch liners with Thompsons water seal and will do the same with my "new" red Puma, but have thoroughly cleaned inside the rear lip of the arch and sprayed with Bilt Hamber UB wax. My MSB one has no rust on the arches to start with, I have used Bilt Hamber cavity was inside the car around the arches as well to maximise protection. My Red one has a slightly rusted arch on the drivers side, so I'm having both arches replaced in the next few months and will do the same rust prevention, I've already done the inside.
Thanks for your comments guys. I think then it is a case of Bilt Hamber and Thompsons then and trying to keep it watertight. I was getting water into one of the sills which has not helped anything!