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Jul 28, 2013
I bought a Mk5 Fiesta a few years ago from a friend who had it as a project.

The car was initially bought with a blown engine which was replaced with the 1.7 engine from my scrapped Thunder.
After been run as a daily driver for a couple of years I had to resign the car to the garage in replacement for (at the time) a 3 series BMW as the family was growing and we needed more space!

So, as the car was off the road I decided to start modifying it.

First job was to replace the front brakes with some ST150 calipers freshly refurbed with new pistons, seals and bleed nipples:


Next was the decision to do a turbocharger conversion. But due to the amount of work needed with regards to getting an oil return, modified/new exhaust manifold, downpipe and CAT I decided to change to a supercharger.

I found a local business that specializes in flocking. So I took him my modified dash/dial surround and got this back a few days later:



Relocating the battery to the boot was next on the agenda to make room in the engine bay:


Terminals to connect live battery cables


Live cable through bulkhead


Riv-nuts to secure battery box on to the boot floor

The fuel lines that run from the bulkhead up to the engine were replaced with AN fittings and black braided lines.
As I need to fit a fuel pressure regulator I would need to replace the stock fuel pressure regulator with an adapter. When it arrived it had a barbed/push on fitting which I wasn't very keen on, so I set about modifying it:



Catch can which will be for all of the breather pipes:


Supercharger, but requires new oil as a precaution:


Test fit of the intercooler:


Intercooler piping kit:


Started to fit the piping:



BOV just visible in there..


So, the next part of pipework is for the air feed.
There will be the filter, then the MAF and then a 'T' piece for the recirculated air from the BOV. The other end of that needs to be where the A/C compressor used to be - not an easy route!
My thoughts are to remove the bracket that supported the battery (now in boot) to give me room to get the pipework downwards. From there I'm thinking about running along the bottom of the radiator to where I need to go. My concern with that is if the MAF will end up too far away from the throttle body - would there be any effect on the air flow/MAF readings?
Second thought is to completely move the MAF to the other side of the engine bay. The problem with that is I need to get the filter and BOV return in that gap too and to extend the wiring. That could potentially cause wonky MAF readings due to the extended wiring... :?

If I remove the battery bracket I will also lose a potential mounting point for other parts I need to fit....

Another mystery that needs to be solved is the space where the A/C compressor used to be.. where I want to mount the supercharger.
There is a 'loop' of pipe for the power steering (used to be held against the front of the A/C compressor) which has the pressure switch mounted to it. I don't see the need for this 'loop' of pipe so I may look at trying to remove/relocate it but keeping the pressure switch.
I don't really want to remove the power steering unless I can convert the system to electric pump...
Great project! I know this isn't the first question you were expecting but...Do you have a link to that battery terminal box? I'm not happy with the one I have right now.
I just saw that. Very interesting. Any more news?
I don't think there will be a problem with the maf in the original position. Many puma turbos
have the maf there and work fine. It seems much hussle to move the maf to the other side
just for clearing the pipes.
More of a problem is the size of the charger which is a snug fit where the a/c was. You may
have to move the radiator forward to make way. Also the pas pipes are flexible so you can move
them around quite a bit to mount the loop piece at a more convenient place.
I think the phrase 'snug fit' is going to be a minor understatement and moving the radiator is definitely going to be on the list of jobs!
I may even look to see if I can find a smaller radiator and just make new mounts for it so it sits higher to give me loads more room down low...

Due to bad/cold weather and the car battery going flat due to the car being left too long between starts, there has not been any progress other than charging the battery... which still needs to go on the car!

I have found someone who lives a few doors along from me does welding and has access to powder coating and a CNC machine. After a chat with him he is going to do some metalwork for me. Just need to try and organize something with him and then hopefully I can start getting some parts fabricated.

I will be getting a different exhaust manifold and ditching the stock one. The CAT will also be going as this car wont be going on the road.

During one of my random searches on the internet (for nothing in particular) I stumbled upon some aftermarket ECUs and immediately started a wish list!
Those ECUs gave me an idea which I started to investigate and that led me to eBay. I found something interesting which was a wee bit out of my price range so put it in my watch list hoping it would still be there in a week or so.
When I checked back again the next day the item had been reduced by 30%... it was rude to leave it in my watch list at that price so I snapped it up!
That item will be revealed later in the year.. :p
Keep in mind that there are a couple of guys in puma owners fb page and some time ago a supercharged fiesta in ebay which all use the exact supercharger that you have. They have put either a short oil filter (from 1.4 puma) or remote oil filter. And they have also mounted the oem radiator forward.
Thanks for the info siju

I did look at a smaller oil filter as the standard one seems to be massive, but I'm wondering if a remote oil filter may be the way to go.... more research needed there..!
Two guys in the puma owners fb page have put the charger at an angle to clear the standard oil filter. So the charger is installed above the oil filter. I've also seen a couple of guys using a short oil filter (as said above).

One guy using the short filter has a thread here in PP. It's stumc's supercharged puma.

Also there another two guys in fb page that used a remote oil filter. The one isn't finished yet as far as I know. The other is a frp rally replica with a m62 charger that is currently been restored by a guy in fb page. He posts videos in youtube.

I will likely use a rotrex which is smaller so there are no size problems. I also have a cnc machined mount for a mini charger if I change my mind.
I have something in the pipeline which could potentially create more space on the front (inlet side) of the engine which may help things a little.
Would be nice to see what those people have been doing but I will not be going anywhere near Facebook!
These are a few pictures from guys that have charged their pumas or are in the process.
the first two are from fb with the same charger as yours. Charger at an angle that clears the oem oil filter.
Next is a fiesta again with the same charger and short oil filter. The guy sold it and I had seen it in ebay. This specific is 238bhp and very fast.
Next is a fiesta with a cooper s charger and remote oil filter.
The last is stumc's one from here PP. That has the mercedes m65 which is the same size as yours but with different casing.


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Thanks for the pictures siju.

I had already looked through stumc's thread several times so I could get an idea of what I was letting myself in for!

The first couple of pictures are interesting. For some reason pictures always seem to make it look like there is more room down there than there really is!
Yep indeed. The photos give the impression that there's more room. From the block to the radiator there are 19cm. The cooper s eaton is 17cm width but the charger has to sit forward of the block to clear the block. The eato you have has the mounting lugs so it must be around 18-19 width.
So moving the radiator is 100% needed.
I did suspect the radiator would need to be moved.

I think how I'm going to play this is to mock this up on my spare engine, trying to keep everything as close/compact as possible. Once that is done I will fit it on to the car so I can see exactly what needs to be move and how far.
Thanks so siju for providing the photos, I have a better idea of how this charger is going to be mounted.
With this information I did some test fitting with spare aux belt I had laying around:



As you can see in the last picture, I swapped the aux belt routing so everything turns the correct way but later checked online and found I had got that wrong! I need to route the belt as having A/C and PAS:

My PAS pump is on the back of the engine and the charger will take the place of the A/C pump, but looking at that diagram the belt will only be in contact with roughly 3/8 of the charger pulley. Under load will that be enough....!?

Another idea I have kind of been throwing around my mind is to replace the crank pulley with one from a Mk6 Fiesta:

Picture pinched from IanG's eBay listing... sorry Ian!

Now, that would create a couple of questions...
1. Does/will that pulley fit on a Puma engine?
2. What effect would it have on vibration as it does not look like it is dampered?

Running the charger from the smaller/outer pulley would create a LOT more boost. Great if you're crazy but not if you want your engine to stay in one piece! But, I could potentially get around that by bleeding excess boost off through the BOV and recirculating that back in to the inlet system?
The other advantage of using that double crank pulley is that I can mount the charger further to the drivers side of the engine which will give more clearance from the oil filter and also get away from the oil dipstick which is at the moment, twisted round out of the way.

EDIT: according to the internet, that pulley is dampered and also fits on:
Mk4 Mondeo 1.6
Fusion 2 (02-12) 1.4
Could you use a longer bolt for the crankshaft pulley so you could mount two puma crank pulleys side by side? Or even modify the alternator pulley to do something similar seeing as it's directly above?
The charger is not hard to turn but there is an amount of resistance to it so ideally I do want it driven from the crank.

I had also considered tapping out the holes that are in the Puma pulley so I could bolt another pulley to it, but I would rather use something designed for the job rather than mashing something together.
But something else to consider is whether a pulley from a different car will actually line up correctly once it's fitted...

I've been in contact with IanG who tells me similar pulleys are also on some Focus models. Hopefully he can do a little digging around to see what pulleys are available and what potentially fits.
As a matter of fact driving the charger from the smaller outer crank pulley (the focus pulley) will create smaller boost. To increase boost you need big crank pulley and/or small charger pulley. The guy I was talking about with the 238 charged fiesta used this pulley (the big part of it which is 132mm - std puma one is 120mm). So the pairing was 132mm crank with 55mm (custom) charger pulley for a total of 10-11psi and 238 bhp.

Also using a double pulley might have a space problem with the chassis leg. I'm not sure but the oem belt is quite close to it.
In eaton chargers they usually tend to have 180degrees belt wrap. You might add a custom pulley to increase wrap like this guy.


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