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Hey I'm a bit late to this party but I could do with a pair for my Thunder if its still possible please, count me in.

Order for seals officially placed. Lead time quoted at 5 weeks.
If anyone wants to pay before then to secure their order (and help with my credit card bill! 😅) preferred payment is via PayPal to:

[email protected]

One pair is £35 posted to UK mainland. If you're outwith UK mainland, or you want to buy multiple pairs, please message me directly and we can check the best postage option.

Friends and family transfer is appreciated but understand this is a business transaction so if you don't want to do that, it's fine but please cover the fee yourself (thank you!).

When you process payment, please include your full name and postal address AND your ProjectPuma name (if you have one) so I can check you off the list and keep track of the orders.

Bank transfer also available if preferred, please message direct.

Any questions, please shout!
Hi I sent a pm to buy 1/2 pairs and ask about postage to Greece. Maybe you haven't seen it yet?

Hi I sent a pm to buy 1/2 pairs and ask about postage to Greece. Maybe you haven't seen it yet?

So sorry, Alex! I thought I had replied to your conversation but I must have dreamt it. I have replied to it now :)
Hi Emma
I've emailed you twice for price and delivery of two pairs, so I can send payment.
Thank you very much to everyone who has gotten their orders in already, it will cover my credit card direct debits while I wait to receive and start sending out the seals. They confirmed the order with me a couple of weeks ago so I'm hopeful that I will be receiving them around mid-July. :)

I also emailed for account info to send payment but have had no reply. Please reply so that I can send payment for 2 sets! Thanks.
Haven't checked in here for some weeks and am surprised (in a good way) that the headlight rubbers order project is taking off. Thanks to everybody, I hope I am still on the list.

ArtfulHussy = Emma (correct, right?) is the person I have to write and pay I guess
I instantly wrote I want a pair. Now that I think about it I would even take 2 pairs if that is possible at all.
I live outside of the UK (in Germany)
My name is Achim (Bodie here on forum)
I do have paypal

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