Puma Millennium W965 RDU


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Started prepping the passenger side rear quarter for some paint.

Gave the panel a good sand and noticed some pin holes in the primer. So gave it another blast of primer in those spots.



Gave it a good few coats to fill some of the holes. Going to let it harden then sand it back.

Also managed to find one of these…
Sanded back the primer. Happy with the coverage. Ready for paint on Saturday.


Also sanded cut and polished the other side. Couple more rounds of polishing needed.

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Gave the rear another polish. Also re painted the black stone chip among the sill.
Spent this morning getting the passenger rear quarter painted. 95% prep / 5% paint.






Really happy with it. Loads of learns from the other side made this one an easier battle.

Going to let it harden for a few days then get cutting and polishing.
Took the car out this morning to a local car show. Was great to see so many people interested in the little thing. 21A905B9-BE09-4ED6-92CE-9BD255757541.jpeg


This week is going to be sanding, cutting and polishing the passenger rear quarter.

Also front coilovers fitted this Friday.

Had to fix the handbrake cable today. Gave it a pull the other night and nothing. Straight to the top no resistance and not holding the car.

Turns out the handle cable had jumped out of the yoke under the car. Pain to get back in. Ended up loosening off the handbrake bracket to give enough slack. Adjusted it and seems to be working again now.

In tomorrow for front coilovers. Then I can spend the weekend playing with ride heights. 😎
Front coils are on. Done some early setup tweaks and now going to give it a few days to settle. Drives great. Improved turn in and confidence. Not overly “hard” and absorbs the country road bumps really well.


Garage mentioned looking into braided hoses as the drop in height has bunched up the hose. Got some on order.

I’m planning on attacking the inner arches this weekend with a wire wheel and give it a once over with hammerite.
Inside the arches I use rust converter on any rust, then Zinc primer, followed by primer, then metal paint paint like Hammerite or similar, then spray it with underbody wax, I normally use Bilt Hamber products.
I pay particular attention to the edge of the rear arches.
I've just had the rear arches replaced on my Red Puma and was pleasantly surprised that the guy had sprayed under the arches with Waxoyl, as well as inside the car around the arches.
Managed to get some coats on the inner arches. Gave them wire wheel to clean up surface rust and got some coats on.

Drivers side:


Passenger side:


I’ll clean up the lines on the second coat to get them nice and crisp.

Got the drums painted up while I was there.

Should finish up this week.
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Cleaned up the lines just for you!


Also a little win. Paid someone on Fiver to create the “Millennium Product” swirl icon in a printable vector format. Happy to share the file if anyone wants it. 📁

Found a company online who can reproduce the millennium number plaque badges too.

Going to get some samples to see how they look. Will update here once I’ve got them. Would be nice to even have a non numbered “- - - -“ version.
Made a start on the passenger front arch last night.




Replaced the ABS sensor cable mounts with decent P Clips rather than zip ties. 🙌
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