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Let me know if these make sense
Yep makes total sense! Hwoever your fuse box is different to mine! Mine has got a sort of 'floor' half way up it so you cant see to the very bottom like yours. But now i defo know where i need to feed the wire. The rubber hose leading down seems very tight, dont know how im gonna get the wire in.
I checked the house top to bottom you know and i cant find a single wire coat hanger! Will have to fashion some sort of similar implement to do the job. How long does it have to be?
Not that long, you could probably get away with 18" / 450mm, you need to retain enough to keep hold of, you also need enough through into the footwell for you to be able to easily get hold and remove the cable and tape.

I have recently purchased one of these clocks and sensor kits from Ebay. Tested everything before i started and everything seems to be working in order.
So far I have installed the clock in the dash and have run the cables to the outside fuse box. Seem to be experiencing the same problem as "dradus" with the fuse box issues. (two floors and a very tight grommit on the bottom left hand corner). Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

Is the OEM temp sensor slit located behind the number plate am having problems locating it??
latest, have managed to install the sensor in the slit without having to remove the front grill and risk breaking any clips - just very fiddly.

Now I am not quite sure how the cable should be ran from the sensor end and where the plug connector should be strapped to without making it look untidy. You mentioned the slam pannel?
I stalled with my project too, gave up trying to get the wires into the fuse box safely. Sensor is still in the bonnet with wires taped away in corner.
I've completed installing the clock. Everything working well and a fairly tidy job.

Although I require a little more length in cable as it can be a little tight in spots, I will do this when the weather decides to brighten up. I gave up with running it through the fuse box so I just made a little insertion in the underside of the rubber(back of fuse box side) which I then ran into the car.

Wireing is all tucked behind the wing trunking and out of sight. Overall am very pleased with the mod and still believe the Puma should have never been without it in the first place. I will Post up pics when I get the chance.

Thanks Flash for all the helpfull step-by-step and pics.
In my opinion its easier to run the wire across the scuttle and into the car in the gromit behind the instruments, then just link across to the clock.

Obvious "original" spec is down via the gromit behind the battery junction box.
Doesn't really matter so long as it doesn't leak. Will look more closely at the one behind the instruments next time I need to run a wire in.
:arrow: Follow. I like to have one myself
Even it is not OEM racing puma

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