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Cos you have to do it with one of their stupid little S-shaped allen keys?
I ordered 2 of item A, when I should have ordered 2 of item B.
I call and provide the nice man with the incorrect part code and the correct part code that I would like to replace them with.
Thirty minutes later, after a few extended and awkward silences, and after confirming the incorrect part code several more times, I get put on hold with some rubbish music.
Fifteen minutes of rubbish music later and he verbally confirms that 2x A have been cancelled and 2x B ordered.
The updated dispatch note emailed to me contains 1x A and no B.
Then the credit note they sent is for both of item A.

So as it stands I don't know wtf I will be receiving next Friday and I can't bear to call again. :pinkeye:
:grin: that's got to be a tactic.. just keep them holding, ask mundane questions and then 'finish him' (think mortal kombat) with some misinformation
Dal said:
Dal said:
6 little pixels away from winning an F Type...


6 bloody pixels!!!

7 pixels this time!


5 sodding pixels this time away from a GT Mustang!!!

botb 2017.jpg

Still; £200 in game credit to play with for months to come..
Fuel tank removal under way and of course two of the captive nuts are now not "captive nuts" :evil:

Electric drill time then I guess, just need to buy some decent steel bits time I think
Had to resort to a cold chisel for one bolt in the end but tank is off :grin:
Still took a lot longer than planned :evil:
Insurance companies are their own worst enemy.

Get renewal from insurer, go online, quote for same insurer is £35 cheaper plus I can get another £30 cashback.

Ring up insurer, have to stop renewal to be able to take out new quote.

Why don't these gits just give you the best price to keep your loyalty & save time. Obvious, they try to fleece on renewals & hope they can pull the wool over their customers eyes. :crazy:
It's proper dumb Paul. Most of the extra discount is for "new customers only" except I'd challenge whether an existing customer leaving and re-joining actually counts as a new customer.

Surely it'd mean something if people were saying to each other "do you know what, my renewal came through and it was actually the best price about"
Just about to renew mine as well, renewal notice in..£42 hike from last year....onto confused dot thingy as I did last year..can save £70 by changing, but bizarrely amongst the list of companies "unable to provide a quote" is the one i about to leave :?
Agree & don't think I've ever renewed with current insurer using their renewal quote. This will likely be the first time I retain the same insuruer albeit after leaving & returning as a "new" customer.

My renewal was only £12 more than last year but at least they did quote me again at £35 less revealing this silly practice. With the £30 hopefully paid out on top of that from cashback it's more than a 20% saving on that renewal price.

Couldn't take it out online initially likely due to being already on their system which is why I had to ring them & cancel my renewal to then be able to take out new quote.

Not tried online again yet as not due to end of month, you watch, they won't quote the same price!! :lol:
mine went up again when the renewal quote came through - I looked at the online quote from the same company again - it came through cheaper again - I phoned them again - I got my renewal far cheaper than the initial quotw again - this year by £100

I feel your pain, Yip...
Renewal in for the family barge C-Max...up by over £50 on last year which is not bad but did a quick look round anyway..not really able to save much so was going to let it go.
Had to call them today to add my son to the car for a week (£4 for the week) and just happened to mention that I had looked at other quotes "would you like me to check and see if we could offer a better quote" well why not?
Upshot is nearly £10 off renewal quote, which is better than nothing, but then they have thrown in free AA cover for the next year as well!
bizarre thing car insurance!!!! never actually offer anything unless you ask, its almost as though they wait to see how much they can get away with first
Currently got my Puma powered Mk5 Fiesta insured fully comp at just a sniff over £500 with all mods declared - exhaust, engine and brakes.

Just got a quote to swap insurance over to a 2003 1.9tdi Golf Match with only suspension mods (coilovers) and its come out as being £111 cheaper.

Great! But no, the insurer stipulates that the cover would have to drop to 3rd party fire & theft but they can't tell me why....
If any of you ever have the misfortune to have to deal with DWP (dept of works/pensions) be warned, you will lose days of your life doing nothing whilst waiting for them to act, since 30/11 we have been waiting for them to perform a "simple" change from one benefit to another, this has involved 8 phone calls (average time on hold 40mins) requests for more info which they neglected to tell us they needed!!!, promised call backs that never happened (two this week) :evil:
All this has led to us having no benefit payments over Christmas (since 08/12) and now of course they are about to close for New Year!!!!
Before anybody jumps in and says "get a job" both my wife and myself have part-time jobs but wife is unable to work full time due to long term illness, hence the benefits
Since October this year DWP have made 12 mistakes on this claim, some of which went unnoticed and were not acted on or followed up by DWP until I called, they merely sat on them and did nothing.
If DWP was a business they would not last a week.
Final straw was our local MP telling us "you need to follow proper procedure before I can step in" that procedure involves a formal complaint letter, which I did in Feb this year...DWP ignored it!!!!
Sorry guys, rant over (I am also now waiting a call back, second one today as first one never happened!) :evil: